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Tai Chi is a very suitable and appropriate form of exercise for middle age to senior adults. It helps maintain cardiovascular fitness and helps to combat age related health problems such as arthritis, loss of balance, mobility and strength, which affect the quality of daily life.

Frank Murphy offers Tai Chi courses are designed specifically with the older members of our community such as Active Retirement groups and many other community groups. You can contact Frank on 087 2704478 at any time to set up a group of classes at your preferred venue and time.

What Other Community Groups Had to Say:

Tai Chi ICA Fermoy (3152 x 2036) (600 x 388)


‘Frank is a very good instructor, he teaches with a passion. We do it Thursday mornings when there is no flood or trees down! lol!’

Ita Dempsey – Fermoy Active Retirement Treasurer

‘We were so impressed with Frank’s first Tai Chi course, we are definitely having  back him back in September 2014. Highly recommended.’

Patsy O’Sullivan – Chairperson of Leamlara ICA

‘Frank has a lovely style of teaching. Some of our members have limited mobility and he takes his time in helping us learn this gentle form of exercise. We look forward to have him back to Kilworth again.’

Vera Jackson, Heaphy Grove House, Kilworth


‘Over the past two years we’ve had Frank conduct a series of  Tai Chi courses our Multiple Sclerosis group and he has never failed to disappoint us. All our members have found Tai Chi beneficial and enjoyed their mornings of Tai Chi with Frank’

Patricia Lucey, Fermoy Branch MS Society

‘Franks Tai Chi classes cater for all needs and abilities as testified by people with intellectual disabilities in Hollyhill and their support workers who say “classes are brilliant; they have something for everyone”.’

Terence McSweeney, Leisure Recreation and Physical Activities Manager, COPE Foundation


‘Frank has a very relaxed teaching style and makes the learning of Tai Chi very enjoyable with a healthy dose of humour. We would recommend his 6 week courses to any ICA group.’

Kathleen O’Mahony, Watergrasshill ICA


‘We have had Frank come to our group now for two courses, and he always gives 100%. He has a great way with people making the session very interesting, entertaining and enjoyable. Our members range in age from 45 to the Jacki who is 83 and we would recommend Frank’s Tai Chi to any one who wants a healthy and safe exercise programme for adults.’

Brid Daly, Ballyhooly ICA, Co. Cork 

Frank Murphy can be contacted on 087 2704478, alternatively, you can complete the contact form.

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