A Big Universal Tai Chi Thanks

A big  thanks you to all of the 22 people who attended the taster workshop in Fermoy last Saturday and made it a resounding success.

It was a honour to share Tai Chi and to meet everyone, some who travelled from Cork city and I felt privileged that some of the local movers and shakers who do trojan work in the community also attended.

The thrust of my presentation was the close relationship between Tai Chi and Taoism. Although not a religion it’s teachings are more relevant today than any other time in our history due to unprecedented transition and change. It teaches living in harmony with each other, thinking more deeply about each other and how we can tap into the energy of nature and go with the flow of life.

There were a few magical moments during the morning when we did just that as we moved in unison with each other helping us all find a deeper level of relaxation.

Here is a great excerpt from that tiny book, the Tao Te Ching, of only 81 verses, the very first self-help book written 2500 years ago. Many reckon is the wisest ever written, and after the bible is the most popular in the world, translated into almost every language known.

“The man who know others is clever

The man who knows himself is wise

The man who master’s others is strong

But the man who master’s himself is powerful”

Taken from the Tao De Ching….. Verse 33.

Tai Chi Universal Greeting (370 x 600)So thanks again. Those questions and ideas from you all, contributed greatly to the energy of the whole thing and I sincerely hope the experience ignited interest in finding out more about yourself and Tai Chi.

Special thanks to the Avondhu Newpaper who gave this workshop a good plug a week ago, and to my good wife Catarina who provided the cakes, and also to Phil Young, himself an experienced Tai Chi instructor and Polarity Therapy Healer who dropped by, gave me some valuable career tips and not only that, shared a cuppa with me and stayed to help me clear up. What a humble guy !!!

Finally thanks to the two boys who were on duty at the Center last Saturday, Tom and Dave. These lads helped me drag in all the gear and made sure the place was set up beautifully. They then told me exactly where I could park on Saturday morning without getting nabbed by the Parking Inspector. Like “going with the flow” or what.  These guys have been reading the Tao Te Ching and a fine example of just going with the flow.

The Tai Chi Universal Greeting is shown in the image and represents strength (right fist), friendship (left hand four fingers) and humility (the left hand thumb). We never stop learning if we are open to it…thanks again lads.

Feel free to contact me any time on mobile 087 2704478.


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