Tai Chi at Work

Tai Chi at Work

Tai Chi at Work for Stress ReliefToday’s working environment and pressures can cause undue stress. Sitting at a desk all day in office can cause aches and pains, even just using the mouse of a computer can cause repetitive strain injury. As stress affects you mentally, the knock on effects are physical stress related symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, which often result in pain in the back and neck. Other conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems, insomnia, depression and a suppressed immune system can all develop from work related stress.

Control Stress, Increase Productivity, and Reduce Absenteeism.

Tai Chi helps with posture and balance which is particularly helpful if you are sat at a desk and computer all day. A course in Tai Chi will give your work-force and colleagues some simple exercises that will help control stress, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism. A 40 minute class done on a weekly basis will teach your workforce simple exercises that can even be done seated, which will alleviate pain and reduce stress.

Tai Chi that is Ideal in the Work Place

Frank Murphy teaches Sun style Tai Chi combined with Qi-Gong which is ideal and very convenient for the work environment in order to re-energize workers during a stressful working day. Qigong is basically a combination of breathing exercises, light gymnastics, stretching and meditation, therefore great for health and mental relaxation.


Frank Murphy offers Tai Chi courses to groups, at the workplace venue, which can take place during morning or at lunch times.

“We thoroughly enjoyed Frank’s Tai Chi course which was well structured and ideally suited for the workplace. He gave us very beneficial exercises that we were able to do throughout the day at our work stations and outside of work too. We would recommend his courses for any company wishing to introduce a healthy and convenient form of exercise that will greatly benefit their workforce.”

Carol Veiga - CMSE Recruitment & Placement Manager

For more details you can call Frank direct on 087 2704478 or complete the contact form.
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