“Tai Chi, You Can’t Call This Just Exercise”

At first glance it looks just like a dance, where people stand upright and wave their hands about to gentle background music. However first impressions can be deceptive, because this is Tai Chi, the Chinese answer to preventing ailments and promoting mental and physical health.

Recently 22 adults of all ages turned up to Frank Murphy’s Tai Chi taster class held in the Fermoy Youth Community Centre, and experienced first hand the benefits of this calming exercise programme.

“The taster class was a great success” say’s Frank, “And although it does look similar to a dance, Tai Chi is different from other exercise because it works from the inside out.”

There is huge change and pace in life today.

Most adults feel that stress and the fast pace of life can take their toll unless we learn to slow down and seek a balance. Even older adults are stressed because they worry about their health, their children and grandchildren.

Tai Chi can help reduce stress because it is all about balance and relaxation. We can respond to life’s demands by allowing ourselves to relax and recharge. By joining a course of Tai Chi classes, you can develop an awareness of the value of this type of moderate but highly beneficial exercise. Even if you dislike any form of work out, you will find this type of class relatively easy.

Tai Chi is a very convenient form of exercise, you can practise a few moves, anywhere, anytime. You do not have to be fit to begin, no special equipment is required and no special clothing is necessary. Turn up in loose comfortable clothes with a bottle of water and give yourself a treat of balance and relaxation.

Classes are available now in Fermoy every Monday morning at 11am in the Youth Centre and on Thursday evenings at Adair Hall at 7pm. All you need to do is call Frank on 087 270 4478 or visit this website at www.taichiclassescork.com.

Press Release Avondhu Thursday 7th August 2014

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