Investing in Life and Work Balance

While most companies rightly do their utmost to regularly train and update their staff on business competence, it amazes me how very few  help their employees to reach a balance, which in turn could help both the workers and the company.

Workplace Tai Chi (600 x 397) Today’s working environment and deadline pressures can cause undue stress, especially working long hours, or seated at a computer all day can leave most workers perpetually exhausted.

Intense work takes it’s toll eventually physically, mentally and emotionally. While the boardroom success might be celebrated, declining levels of engagement with family, soaring medical costs for musculo-skeletal to other stress related  problems upset the human balance sheet, which have the side effect of poor performances at work.

There is a capacity in each of us to work and focus and respond to rising demands but this can only be achieved by re-charging our energy levels and establishing specific rituals and habitual behaviours that are scheduled into our working day.

Tai Chi is ideally convenient for the workplace. Our bodies are not separated from our minds and our emotions. To effectively re-energize any workplace, companies need to shift awareness into investing more in the energy, stress management, fulfillment and happiness levels of their staff.

A simple 20 minute session of Tai Chi in the middle of the day will help individuals be more in control and productive.  They will return feeling refreshed, rested and even more motivated. When we relax, we enter what is known as the alpha level of awareness and this gives our brain time to re charge and recover.

Tai Chi over time can become one the best long term investments any company can make it it’s own future.


Frank Murphy is a Professional Tai Chi instructor in Cork and  offers classes to companies and institutions who wish to recharge their workforce. He can be contacted ion 087 2704478 or on

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