Practice Tai Chi, Smile and Send out Good Vibes.

Each Day a lot of our energy is lost, because of worry, anxiety, tension and trying to adjust to agendas that we may have lost control of. We stand a better chance of regaining control when we are aware of what is happening to body and mind while engaged in these activities.

Last Monday evening I was in the privileged position of teaching over 20 beginners a Tai Chi class, in the lovely Cork village of Rathcormac. I taught them two principles, to smile and to stand upright when performing Tai Chi.

As a boy Albert Einstein marvelled at the needle of a compass. What force made it move, why did it always work? Where was this “Force” located?

The Chinese concept of this force is Chi, a vital energy that permeates the universe. Chi or Energy comes from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the natural Chi we were born with.

Tai Chi’s flowing movements will aid mind and body relaxation because our brain wave patterns become slower.

Tai Chi Smiling EnergyIn our day to day practicality, we are more in control of ourselves when we are relaxed and therefore make effective positive changes. A simple smile is a great start. Keep the spine very straight to accommodate a better flow of Chi through our bodies.

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