Tai Chi ideal exercise for active elderly

Regardless of our age, scientific studies have shown that mild regular exercise can maintain our fitness and improve our overall health. One such mild exercise is the gentle art of Tai Chi which is practised by thousands of Chinese every morning before they begin their day. The Kilworth Active Retirement Groupbased at Heaphy Grove Hall, is no exception and have been active in this holistic form of exercise for the past five weeks.

Vera Jackson, Group secretary says: “We look forward to our Wednesday mornings doing some Tai Chi. Frank’s classes are safe, easy and we have been going for five weeks now. It’s an enjoyable form of exercise and recreation and we always have a bit of a laugh as well. We would definitely recommend it to any other group”.

For those that may not fancy fast paced exercise programmes, Tai Chi is another alternative. Rather than sweating and expending energy, all effort can be deemed as profit, because Tai Chi works on deep abdominal breathing and the focus is internal as well as external. This invigorates and energises your body by performing subtle movements which are aligned with your breathing. More importantly it improves conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, and will offset any of a number of chronic illness.

Frank Murphy, is a qualified Tai Chi instructor, and took up Tai Chi 15 years ago to ward off arthritis in his right hip. He offers Tai Chi courses that are suitable for Senior citizens and adults of any age, which can be done in sets of classes. These classes are based on Dr. Paul Lams Tai Chi system, a family physician based in New South Wales Australia. This system has the backing and support of the Australian government and is used extensively in retirement centres.

For further information on Tai Chi classes in Cork or Munster contact 087 2704478 mobile or on 022 40884.

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