Tai Chi to Relax and Go with the Flow

Tai Chi Dan (600 x 450)

When we communicate with each other, experts tell us our body language makes up for a whopping 55% of that message. Because our inner feelings are expressed, whether we intend them or not, through the physical actions of our body, it’s impossible to separate what we are doing and what we are thinking, Read more ›

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Tai Chi for Balance in Life

One of the fundamental reasons I practiceTai Chi 4 (600 x 490) Tai Chi is to find balance in mind and body.

Coming from a Taekwondo martial arts background, which comprised of mostly 40 years of hard training, the primary purpose was the strengthening and conditioning of the body. This would be known as doing ‘Yang’ or hard exercise for the outer body. I craved the strong body, but while I may have looked well on the outside, I never gave a thought to how my internal organs were functioning, which is far more important to maintaining good health. Now as I approach the wrong side of middle age, I want my internal organs functioning at maximum efficiency and health. This softer, internal training would be termed ‘yin’.

Today I still use weights to keep in shape about three times a week but lift lighter weights for longer periods. Lifting heavier weights would be a struggle and  unbalanced.  To continue to lift heavy weights and perform rigorous training like I did during my thirties, would be putting great stress on my internal organs  such as heart, lungs, kidneys etc.

Tai Chi allows for continued balance between muscles and other organs. The moves do not call for awkward or forced postures, but instead, use relaxation with movement as one. I had a student start with me recently and he will be 80 years young this April. I put him through an hour of Tai Chi and he just proves that regardless of your age, you can continue to make a balanced progression throughout your life. Unlike other activities, where after a certain age your performance deteriorates, Tai Chi allows you to progress to a higher level right into your later years.

Today our mad world more than ever needs that body mind connection. Yes, we need that right balance as the hundreds of Chinese people who exercise in the parks have proven this to us for hundreds of years. It’s never too late or too early to start Tai Chi.

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Practice Tai Chi, Smile and Send out Good Vibes.

Tai Chi Smiling Energy

Each Day a lot of our energy is lost, because of worry, anxiety, tension and trying to adjust to agendas that we may have lost control of. We stand a better chance of regaining control when we are aware of what is happening to body and mind while engaged in these activities. Read more ›

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Investing in Life and Work Balance

Workplace Tai Chi

While most companies rightly do their utmost to regularly train and update their staff on business competence, it amazes me how very few  help their employees to reach a balance, which in turn could help both the workers and the company. Read more ›

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Reduce your Stress and get Healthy with Tai Chi

Tai Chi Classes Cork press Release (804 x 1102)It makes sense to look after your health, because we all know regular exercise is good for us and helps us cope with today’s fast paced lifestyle. A new routine that may be of interest is the Chinese Art of Tai Chi because it is known to be one of the best exercises to reduce stress.

Tai Chi is different to many other forms of exercise in that the exercise itself is of a holistic nature. Scientific studies have shown it increases suppleness, improves your breathing and joint mobility and the slow gentle movements have an invigorating effect on your mind and body.

Tai Chi can also improve conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions and other chronic illnesses.

Instructor Frank Murphy qualified under the world famous Dr Paul Lam, founder of the Tai Chi for Health Institute, first took up Tai Chi fifteen years ago in the UK as he suffered from some arthritis pains in his hips and back.

He says; “Every trainer knows we need cardio-vascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility for health but Tai Chi also corrects any weak posture which results in less wear and tear on the joints, not to mention the massive benefits of reduced stress. These gentle flowing movements might appear a bit funny but they strengthen the inner organs as well as boosting the immune system and are performed in a way that is natural, help enhance your energy levels. Just try one class and see for yourself”.

Frank currently teaches a wide variety of people ranging from college students, office and factory workers covering a wide age group, from people in their teens to people in their seventies and even their eighties to athletes recovering from painful injury. Tai Chi is endorsed by the American, Australian and New Zealand government bodies and is fast gaining more recognition from world health agencies.

He is starting a new set of classes  again at the beautiful Nano Nagle Center  which is located near Killavullen on the N73 road between Mallow and Castletownroche. These ideal surroundings set you in a perfect mood to practice Tai Chi and improve your health.

A New Beginner’s Tai Chi Course starts on Wednesday evenings in September at Nano Nagle Center. For more details contact Frank Murphy on 087 2704478 or visit the website on www.taichiclassescork.com.

Press Release Published in the The Avondhu 29.08.13 

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Tai Chi ideal exercise for active elderly


Regardless of our age, scientific studies have shown that mild regular exercise can maintain our fitness and improve our overall health. One such mild exercise is the gentle art of Tai Chi which is practised by thousands of Chinese every morning before they begin their day. Read more ›

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Tai Chi for Arthritis and Arthritis Ireland events

For some time now I have come to the realization that I am suffering from one of the most common forms of arthritis, known as osteoarthritis. I thought I was losing the run of myself these last few years or just getting crankier in my old age, so the discovery was a stark realization… Read more ›

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Growing Awareness of Tai Chi for Arthritis

If you, like me, suffer from any of the 100 different types of Arthritis you should have by now heard of the great lengths that Arthritis Ireland have gone towards making various types of exercise more easier for us all. As a Tai Chi instructorand sufferer of osteoarthritis, I am on a personal crusade to raise public awareness on how to lessen the effects of this ailment. Read more ›

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Tai Chi and Meditation for Stress Management


Any form of stillness, quietness or indeed silence is almost frowned upon today. Noise and loud activity surround most of our waking hours. High stress levels are commonplace and accepted as normal in western society today. Read more ›

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